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Shall we sell our souls?

March 1, 2010

What does it take to reach the top?

Feather Capsule - Alexander McQueen Fall 2009 RTW

Alexander McQueen is dead. This is not a speculation piece but the entire ordeal has really forced me to think about fame, artistry, integrity and corporatism. Obviously one cannot be a blatant supporter of suicide yet I am not one to say that suicide is a sefish decision and the like because for a individual – any individual, no matter how rich, famous, privileged – to find that to be a suitable solution to their problem then their pain ran deep, to perhaps even a level that was incomprehensible.

Alexander McQueen is my favorite designer. I was introduced to his work recently, in the spring of 2009. It all began with the Fall Ready-to-Wear 2009 Collection, the theatrical extraganza of so-gorgeous-they-should-be-framed geometric patterns; the dichotomy between the dark, haunting pieces and the ethereal, cherubic ones – as well as the contrast between the porcelain faces of the models and the dark statement of the lip make up (the minimal representation of women of color in the fashion industry is another issue entirely though…). 

That was a defining moment for me.

Gothic Heart - Fall 2009 RTW

His work is ART, utter and magnificent art. There is no working designer who surpasses his work on any level: tailoring, attention to detail, theatrical value, or in terms of its innovative qualities.

Another aspect of McQueen collections that really made him spectacular to me is (was? I’m not yet entirely comfortable using past tense) his love for women and yes, when misogyny is a recurring theme throughout the works – and WORDS – of so many “top” designers his artistry and skill in producing clothing that looked marvelous regardless of who was wearing, to me, is the antithesis of misogyny at its best.  It is so apparent to me in every piece.

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