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A great night, part of a great start

January 18, 2010

“What concerns me is not the way things are, but rather the way people think things are.”
— Epicetus

Dined in Bethesda with a wonderful family I’d never met. Absolutely exquisite strangers who are now friends. Some people have that elusive ability to galvanize those around them to believe in themselves and lay their insecurities aside and see the world – and all the grand opportunities that accompany it – before them. That’s what this family did for me tonight. I’ve felt inside me that I want to head in the direct of Medicine for some time. However no experience had solidified my desire. Now I am most definitely sure.

Want it; Need it; Love it.

If I were to go as far as I could possibility remember in terms of my ambitions and aspirations my most fundamental desire has been to aid others. It’s a simple desire, and yet not one easily accomplished. The people who make the most difference to the growth of human kind are typically the ones who endured many years of isolation, suffering and pain. Thankfully I don’t live in such a world. Surely I will face my own trials and tribulations. The first being the fact that this realization only dawned once it was too late to change my schedule and fit Chemistry in. This in turn means more summer courses for me. On top of Semester 1 of US Gov’t and US History… oh Virginia and its stupenduous law which states that one must take both in order to graduate with a HS Diploma. Obviously both of which are not taught in private international schools in Romania. However one step at a time. I’ll never achieve great things if I don’t live by this credence.

Enjoy the comic:


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