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Others are Often Wrong; you are different

June 29, 2009

Physically, emotionally, and mentally all people are travelling on different paths. That is why I believe that conceptually these differences all possess the power to emerge as the golden attributes that possess the power to alter humankind in a positive method – for the better. When someone is following a different path than you this entails that their perception of events – even the EXACT same events objectively – are also different.

This is why I find the topic of perception to be so illuminating. Someone else’s thought of comment that to them is obvious/meangingless/mundane etc… to you coul be the light at the end of the tunnel.

Essentially, I believe that all differences in society are the grounds for the fundamental birthplace of independent thought. These differences are displayed in numerous ways, in the diversity of beliefs, the diversity of appearances.  To explain more clearly, when thought is all uniformly the same nothing can evolve. A controversial example is US VOGUE. Anna Wintour has been the sole deciding force of the magazine for years now, she was new, exciting, refreshing initially but now as we perenially see models jumping in front of beige backgrounds… it’s grown a bit dull. This example highlights the importance of individuality opposed to conformity. By accepting diversities instead of denying of shunning them, society as a whole can only get better, and by shunning these differences issues on all society levels are excerbated in my opinion.

So in regards to the pressure to be thin and the obsessive advertisements which solely focus on a thing parameter of bodies that humans can possess (READ: Skinnyness)…
It is a given that different people will have different preferences. The 6’2 guy who likes women who are petite with an ample behind, the athletic woman of average height who prefer who are soft and husky, the homosexual couple of almost identifcal build – whatever, just illustrating the point.

There is no problem with discrepancies in taste – again, that is one of the beauties of humankind. The real problem occurs when the same preferences are held by groups of people who REFUSE to accept anything else. To go even further, the problem worsens when that ONE ideal is plastered over buildings and billards, and announced from TV commercials; all of which is what we regard as the MEDIA and all of this is literally inescapable.

Next objection becomes part of the issue when that one ideal is practically the only one displayed to us billions, one starts to believe that that is the one and only way to be/look/like bringing on an onset of futile comparisons and deep isecurities. (It certainly did affect me in that way.) And now, to be honest, even the individuals whom originally stood for those ideals that only an esoteric few could achieve no longer measure up (pun intended) to those standards – even sample sizes for models are too small for the models themselves, adding to this disastruous cycle.

So if our society stopped spirally out of control ad we, individually, all took a standd for our difference then everything would be just fine. The idea of putting one bodytype over the other is ridiculous and only breeds insecurities and self-destructive comparison. The best body to have is a healthy one; one in possession of a sound and imaginative mind and an able body – because for me, a sedentary lifestyle is the worst one. Our bodies are ~magical~ and capable of so much. I even used mine to write this.

For your time, some beautiful diversity…

Godesses: Alek Wek, and Iman.

Image via Getty, from Australian Fashion Week.

AP Photo, Bangkok International Fashion Week

Model Kinee Diouf at New York Fashion Week February, Image via Getty

Beyonce, BET Awards

Model Ruslana, R.I.P.

One of my favorites – AJ

And lastly, a comic.

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